Kri Kris Glory

November 12th 2022

Kri Kris Glory to Daisy Dream (aka Gloria!) cotinues her winning ways... taking her all important 3rd CC at the NSTC CH Show under judge, Dr Ruth Barbour.
Her first 2 CC's came in October under Stuart J Mallard & Albert Wight. Thank you to her clever breeder Kristine Frey for sharing this wonderful bitch with us.

Kri Kris Hermanubis

August 21th 2022
Xaramae Showrime 2022

Heinola NDS, judge Kitty Sjong (DK)
KRI KRIS HERMANUBIS: New Finnsh Junior Champion, BOB-junior.
Sincere thank you Nina Isomäki and Antti for taking him to shows and making all this possible! Big concrats to his breeder Kristine Frey. BOS-junior Zhigatsey Selina, own. Mona Frejborg.
Pic: Hanna Raatikainen, thanks!

1-Nordic Show Aarhus 2022

May 30th 2022
Nordic Show Aarhus

BOB and Aarhus winner Multi Ch Kris Daisy.
BOS Teamofcati's X Factor Judge Birgitta Svarstad

2-Nordic Show Aarhus 2022

- and ind rain and storm Multi Ch Kris Daisy BIG9-2 at Nordic Show Aarhus, presented by my daughter Anette Normark

Finland may 2022

May 16th 2022
Great news form Finland and the Lilileian Team at Helsinki int. Show

Kri Kris Glory to a Flower Girl (Sir Ch Lilileian London Calling Dam Multi Ch Kri Kris Daisy).

BB with CC Cacib Bos and new Finnish Champion

Finland may 2022

A special thanks to Niklas Kalske for always handling Pixie to her very best.

I am a vey happy and proud breede.

News March

19 marts 2022
Kri Kris Hermannubis (sir Co-Mag Hyltofts Silas - dam Multi Ch Kri Kris Daisy) made his debut in junior class won junior class with junior cc later BM with adult CC and ended up as BOS in his debut as an adult at the Tibetan Speciality today.

Judge Maureen Osborn.

Well done Eini Vihko.


10 marts 2022
Udstilling Int Frederica 12/2-22 dommer Birgit Sluiter

KK Hemera 1 vinder junior klasse med ck og junior cert sluttede som reserve tæve i bedste tæveklasse med reserve cert en flot debut for min unge tæve

Multi CH KK Daisy som er KK Hemeras mor blev 4 bedste tæve i bedste tæve klassen. 


10 december
Så er mini kuldet født 1 han og 1 tæve.
Begge reserverede.  

Kri Kris Hermanubis

Puppies expected
Vi venter hvalpe mit december/we expect puppies mid December
More info / mere info under the link puppies and plans og det samme på dansk  

Kri Kris Hermanubis

Judged by Annaliisa Heikkinen

Kri Kris Hermanubis
(Out of Hyldtoft's Co-Mag Silas & Multi ch Kri Kris Daisy)
Breeder: Kristine Frey
Owners: Eini Vihko& Nina Isomäki
Photo: Kathriina Huhtinen


Kri Kris Glory To Flower Girl BB and BOB big congrats to the Liliean team and especially to Niklas Kalske for your lovely presentation.

BOS CH Tashi Gong Eminem
Judge Hedi Kumm


Ny/new DKJUCh 
Ny DKJUCh på 3 udstillinger på under 1 måned  

New DKJUCH in 3 shows in less than a month


Best Junior Bitch in Show 
Kri Kris Glory to Daisy Dream debut Toy Club Årslev judge Kerstinn Lilsson. Best Junior Bitch with Ck Junior CC Junior Club CC and later reserve Bitch with adult CC.

Pic by Ragnhild Primdal and handled by my daughter Annette Nordmark.

The 300 km back home didn't feel that long.


Nye hvalpe født / New Puppies born 
Hvalpe født 20/4-21. Alle bookede på nuværende tidspunkt

Puppies born 20 / 4-21. All booked at the present.

Kombination 2 Kri Kris Clara er drægtig og venter hvalpe midt december
Kri Kris Clara is pregnant. Puppies expected mid December

Nye hvalpe / New puppies
Kombination 1 blev født 8. marts 2020: 2 gyldne hanner og 3 soble tæver
Combination 1 was born March 8th, 2020: 2 golden males and 3 soble bitches

Ny hjemmeside 2019 / New homepage 2019
Velkommen til vores nye hjemmeside, hvor vi vil holde jer orienteret om kommende kuld og udstillingsresultater.  
Welcome to our new homepage where we will keep you informed about coming litters and show results.

Congrats to Lililiean Team with Kri Kris Glory To Flower Girl BOB puppy title.

Sir Multi Ch Lililean London Calling
Dam Multi Ch Kri kris Daisy

Kris kris Felix today ...
Tardu NDS Excellent JCAC BOBJ. Judge I. Zizevskis, Lithuania

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